The Helen Movie

A New Feature Length Documentary


The Story of Helen and Frank Schreider

Nat Geo Expeditions

  • Trip by Jeep from California to Costa Rica- 1949
  • 20,000 miles South journey from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego- 1954-56
  • Saturday Evening Post 5 week  spread- 1957
  • 20,000 miles South book published- 1957

Helen and Frank wrote their first book, 20,000 Miles South, upon their return from their first journey from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in 1956.  In fact, Frank wrote the first three chapters on the cruise ship that they took home from Ushuaia at the end of the trip, then sold them to Doubleday immediately.  Drums of Tonkin  came next, after their Indonesia trip in 1961.  The Amazon  was published after their 1969 Amazon Journey, but they never considered it their book.  Although Frank wrote it, he wasn't allowed to publish his true findings and the photos were not all from their journey. 





  • Ganges River   Tortuga II- 1959
  • Indonesia          Tortuga II- 1961
  • The Great Rift Valley,  Africa     Land Rover-1963
  • Alexander the Great Journey-

                 Bucephalus (Jeep)-1965

  • taiwan


  • amazon

                 ‚ÄčAmazon Queen-1969

Thousands of rolls of film, as well as 16 mm moving picture images were taken during the trips and then used to illustrate their books, articles and speaking tours.  National Geographic still sells many of Helen and Frank's iconic  images, by special permission from Helen.

 After their first successful journey (20,000 Miles South) and subsequent 5 part series in the Saturday Evening Post, best-selling book and lecture tour, National Geographic hired Helen and Frank to do more expeditions for them. The first two Nat Geo trips were also by amphibious jeep (down the Ganges and through the islands of Indonesia), then by Land Rover (Great Rift Valley and through the Middle East following in Alexander the Great's footsteps)  and finally by boat (down the length of the Amazon).  Each trip was followed by an article, or a series of articles, with photos, illustrations and text by Frank and Helen.

How it began