The Story of Helen and Frank Schreider



Helen painted in every country she visited, through every decade of her life.
Helen illustrated every book and article with her signature line drawings.
Traveling over 20 years through 5 continents, countless countries...



With the storm fast approaching, they had to move out- through 20 foot waves...


The Helen Movie

A New Feature Length Documentary


Artist and Adventurer

  • Alaska to Tierra del Fuego
  • The Ganges
  • Indonesia
  • The Great Rift Valley
  • Alexander The Great Trek
  • Taiwan
  • The Amazon River
  • Great Wall of China
  • Machu Pichu
  • Manitoba
  • Santa Fe


Helen finally received her Explorers Club membership- 59 years after her husband received his! Watch her astonishment-

Helen Honored!

They locked eyes from across a crowded dance floor- it was love at first sight...

A Love Story crossing time and space...


Read about La Tortuga, the Schreider's Amphibious Jeep: 

An Adventure to last a Lifetime.

Helen was an artist, all she wanted to do was draw and paint. But she fell in love with Frank, and Frank wanted to travel.  At some point Helen stopped going along for the ride, and began living her life as an adventurer.  An adventurer and an artist.